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About me

Hi, all!

I'm Erynn; a full-time auditor and photographer on the side.

When I'm not binging The Office or catching up on homework, I take on the role of third-wheel and ultimate hype-girl. I love everything soft and fuzzy, from sweaters to blankets, and have an obsession with patchouli and rose-scented candles and a good moscato. 

My love for photography has always been there, but I decided to take the big leap in 2018 when I picked up my mom's old film camera and took pictures of my friends. Even though those pictures didn't even develop (turns out a film camera from the 80s might not work after 30 years of no use), I knew I wanted to go further with photography.


I love the amazing souls that I get to meet through my work. And getting to capture them in their best light is such a privilege. I promise to make your experience as fun and memorable as possible, and I can't wait to get a glimpse of your most precious moments.


"Capturing the memories that you want to keep forever"

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